HQbird: Advanced FirebirdSQL for Big Databases

IBSurgeon HQbird is an advanced distribution of Firebird, with the following features: high availability and replication, backups automation, optimized configurations, database health monitoring, transactions and queries monitoring (TraceAPI, MON$, and FBScanner), database structure analysis, recovery toolset, and database development GUI.

Firebird Encryption Plugin Framework

IBSurgeon provides the encryption plugin framework for Firebird:
  • Strong AES256 encryption
  • Pre-built binaries for Windows and Linux, and full sources
  • Gbak.exe with encryption of databases and backups
  • Unlimited license for the redistribution and implementation support

Emergency database recovery

To recover corrupted Firebird (or InterBase) databases you can use IBSurgeon FirstAID - the best recovery tool for Firebird and InterBase. FirstAID can automatically fix the vast majority of Firebird database corruptions. For big database (more than 65Gb in size) please contact our support, most likely it will require manual recovery service.
From $199


HQbird 2020 Update 1

The 1st minor update of HQbird 2020 introduces several useful features and important bug fixes:


  • New updated HQbird user guide - in PDF and HTML
  • HQbird FBDataGuard shows the time on the server in the upper left corner
  • HQbird FBDataGuard during the installation automatically generates a name for the HQbird instance using hostname and date, and also set random background color (you can change name and color in the Alerts setup dialog - just click on the server name)
Bug fixes
  • Updated OpenJDK distribution with HQbird for Windows to support changes in world time zones (Brazil DST, etc)
  • Fixed problem with Office365 emails in alerts settings
  • Fixed "Foreign key error" problem for several specific situations
  • Parameter TempSpaceLogThreshold to track big sortings now has the alias TempCacheLog
  • ALTER CONNECTION POOL statements are not replicated anymore

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26 November 2019

HQbird 2020 Update 1

The minor update of HQbird 2020 introduces several useful features and important bug fixes

06 November 2019

Firebird performance checklist

The new article is published: Short IBSurgeon's checklist for Firebird database performance. Please check these basic settings and parameters to ensure that Firebird is configured without obvious mistakes.

04 October 2019

HQbird 2020 is released. Now it is simply the fastest Firebird

The new release of HQbird 2020 delivers significant performance improvements.

08 May 2019

How to track deadlocks in Firebird

The practical guide on how to track update conflicts in Firebird

09 April 2019

Transactions in Firebird

The article "Transactions in Firebird" is the introduction to the basics of Firebird transactions: ACID, isolation levels, updates conflicts and "true deadlock".

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