IBSurgeon Recovery Pack

IBSurgeon Recovery Pack is replaced by HQbird Professional.

IBSurgeon Recovery Pack is a complete recovery solution for Firebird and InterBase to recover databases, backups and undelete records.

This is the best choice of experienced developers and IT professionals: it includes IBSurgeon FirstAID, IBBackupSurgeon and IBUndelete.

With Recovery Pack you perform all possible recovery operations with Firebird or InterBase databases:

  • recover corrupted Firebird and/or InterBase databases (FirstAID),
  • extract data from corrupted backups of Firebird/InterBase databases (IBBackupSurgeon),
  • undelete occasionally deleted records (IBUndelete)

Also Recovery Pack includes 2 hours of free IBSurgeon technical support, in order to resolve even the most complex problems with corrupted Firebird/InterBase databases and backups.

What licences are included in Recovery Pack

Recovery Pack includes more licenses than original products have:

Product Original # of licenses Licenses included in Recovery Pack Regular price, EUR Pack price, EUR
IBSurgeon FirstAID 3 databases 10 databases 179 (for each 3 databases)


IBBackupSurgeon 1 workplace 2 workplaces 199 (for each workplace)
IBUndelete 1 workplace 2 workplaces 109 (for each workplace)


IBSurgeon FirstAID - license for 10 databases


IBSurgeon FirstAID is the tool that can automatically diagnose and repair corrupted InterBase or Firebird databases - it can repair corruptions that neither gbak nor gfix can handle.

It uses its own layer for low-level database access without using the InterBase or Firebird engine, so it can perform real "surgical" operations and repair your database when all other standard mechanisms cannot.

There are 2 modules in FirstAID: FirstAID Direct and FirstAID Extractor. FirstAID Direct fixes corruption in-place: it deletes or recreates missed links. FirstAID Extractor uses several system tables to decrypt users data and export all available data to the new database.

IBBackupSurgeon - 2 wokplaces


IBBackupSurgeon is a tool that can be used to read and save data from corrupted Firebird or InterBase backup files (gbk, fbk, ibk). To access corrupted backup files it uses its own direct access layer. With IBBackupSurgeon tool a user can browse a backup file, select tables you need and then extract them to a new or existing database.

IBBackupSurgeon uses its own access layer for reading backups of InterBase and Firebird databases. It is able to fetch data from corrupted backups even if the most of backup file is lost.

Moreover, it can use metadata definitions from healthy backup and use them to retrieve data from backup with damaged metadata. This is a critical feature in case of serious hardware or media corruptions.

IBBackupSurgeon allows reading and extracting all metadata of database, including text of stored procedures, triggers, computed fields and so on.

IBUndelete - 2 workplaces


IBUndelete is the only tool which can undelete occasionally deleted records in InterBase or Firebird databases. It uses IBSurgeon core engine for direct work with data inside database. IBUndelete searches for deleted record versions and turn them back into actual versions