IBUndelete 2.6

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IBUndelete is the only tool which can undelete occasionally deleted records in InterBase or Firebird databases. It uses IBSurgeon core engine for direct work with data inside database.

IBUndelete searches for deleted record versions and turn them back into actual versions. If there are no versions information we can analyze and extract even deleted records - it's our new service based on advanced IBUndelete tool - contact us [email protected].

How to undelete records in right way

If you have accidentally deleted records from one or more tables in your database (and commit transaction) you need do the following:

  1. Disconnect from database and disconnect all users immediately. Do NOT try to read tables with deleted records – neither with SELECT statements in development tools, nor using users’ applications. Do not make backup or run tools like GFIX. The best way is to stop server.
  2. Make a file copy of database with deleted records (i.e., just copy it with OS means).
  3. Download free version of IBUndelete and check - are any records available for undelete?
  4. If you’ll see non-zero record count (available for undelete) you can order IBUndelete and actually undelete records (run Undelete operation). Otherwise contact us at [email protected]
  5. After undelete is complete open your database with InterBase or Firebird and see deleted records alive.

    You can download trial of IBUndelete from http://www.ibsurgeon.com/download/ibundeletetrial.zip


IBUndelete is licensed per workplace. Re-installation is by-request.

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