Peshkove - Deadlock & Conflict Tracker

PESHKOVE Deadlock and Conflict Tracker for Firebird SQL is a specialized software tool designed to monitor and analyze deadlocks and update conflicts in Firebird databases. It identifies and logs issues arising from concurrent transactions attempting to modify the same data, providing developers and database administrators with crucial insights to optimize performance and maintain data integrity.

In Firebird databases, deadlocks occur when two or more transactions are waiting for each other to release resources, creating a circular dependency. Update conflicts, a related issue, happen when multiple transactions attempt to modify the same data simultaneously, potentially leading to lost updates or inconsistent data states.

The tracker captures these events, recording details such as involved transactions, SQL statements, affected tables, and the nature of the conflict (deadlock or update conflict). It provides real-time monitoring, detailed analysis reports, and suggestions for query optimization and transaction management.

For example, an update conflict might occur in this scenario:

Transaction 1: READ balance FROM account WHERE id = 1; (Balance is 100)
Transaction 2: READ balance FROM account WHERE id = 1; (Balance is 100)
Transaction 1: UPDATE account SET balance = 150 WHERE id = 1;
Transaction 2: UPDATE account SET balance = 200 WHERE id = 1;

In this case, Transaction 2's changes could overwrite Transaction 1's update, leading to data inconsistency.

By identifying such scenarios, the Firebird SQL Deadlock and Conflict Tracker helps developers implement effective concurrency control strategies, improving database reliability and performance.

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