IBBackupSurgeon is a part of HQbird Professional now!

IBBackupSurgeon is a tool that can be used to read and save data from corrupted Firebird or InterBase backup files (gbk, fbk, ibk). To access corrupted backup files it uses its own direct access layer. With IBBackupSurgeon tool a user can browse a backup file, select tables you need and then extract them to a new or existing database.


IBBackupSurgeon allows re-using structure of intact backup in order to save data from heavily corrupted backups with the same structure. IBBackupSurgeon allows reading and extracting all metadata of a database, including the text of stored procedures, triggers, computed fields and so on. Metadata will be extracted as raw text and SQLs.

Why do you need IBBackupSurgeon?

We are sure that you regularly do backup of your mission-critical InterBase and Firebird database. But what to do if your backup media (CD, DVD, tape, etc) have been corrupted? And you need data from the last year sales which were archived, backed up and swept out from production database?

It often happens, that hardware corruption eliminates the whole database (HDD crash, accidentally deleting of database file... or just Godzilla step on your server) and the only thing you have is backup. Unfortunately backup is not 100% reliable and the backup file itself may be corrupted (due to some external reasons). Especially it is a common thing for small customers of your software where database and backup are stored on the same computer and even the same HDD.

So, when you have got corrupted backup of InterBase or Firebird database the only tool you can help is IBBackupSurgeon.

Main features


IBBackupSurgeon uses its own access layer for reading backups of InterBase and Firebird databases. It is able to fetch data from corrupted backups even if the most of backup file is lost. Moreover, it can use metadata definitions from healthy backup and use them to retrieve data from backup with damaged metadata.

IBBackupSurgeon allows reading and extracting all metadata of database, including the text of stored procedures, triggers, computed fields and so on. Metadata are represented in raw text and SQL.

Trial and Download

The trial version of IBBackupSurgeon allows to read all data but shows only every second record from a table, and also export capability is off. It is enough to estimate will IBBackupSurgeon help you to save data. You can download the trial of IBBackupSurgeon from this location.