Optimized Firebird configurations

Here you can find a collection of optimized Firebird configuration files. These configurations are optimized for the average hardware with an average load. We hope that these improved configuration files will help to resolve many of typical performance problems with Firebird.

Download configuration files for your Firebird version, copy it to Firebird folder, rename to firebird.conf and restart Firebird (all active users should be disconnected before Firebird restart).


  • Always rename and keep a copy of your original firebird.conf!
  • Check that you do not have page buffers settings in the header of your database: run gstat -h databasename, and check line "Page buffers" - it should be 0 to use settings from firebird.conf
  • For Firebird 3.0, make sure that settings are not overridden in databases.conf
  • And, remember: settings from firebird.conf are applied to all active database on the server.

If you need an optimized configuration file for your specific environment, to get the best possible performance, or if you still have performance issues after applying config from this collection, please contact us to get tailored optimization support

Firebird version Description Link
Firebird 1.5 SuperServer 32-bit firebird_15_superserver.conf
Classic 32-bit firebird_15_classic.conf
Firebird 2.0 SuperServer 32-bit firebird_20_superserver.conf
Classic 32-bit firebird_20_classic.conf
Firebird 2.1 SuperServer 32-bit firebird_21_superserver_32bit.conf
SuperServer 64-bit firebird_21_superserver_64bit.conf
Classic 32-bit firebird_21_classic_32bit.conf
Classic 64-bit firebird_21_classic_64bit.conf
Firebird 2.5 SuperServer 32-bit firebird_25_superserver_32bit.conf
SuperServer 64-bit firebird_25_superserver_64bit.conf
Classic 32-bit firebird_25_classic_32bit.conf
Classic 64-bit firebird_25_classic_64bit.conf
SuperClassic 32-bit firebird_25_superclassic_32bit.conf
SuperClassic 64-bit firebird_25_superclassic_64bit.conf
Firebird 3 SuperServer 64-bit firebird_30_superserver_64bit.conf
More configs will come soon.