About IBSurgeon

IBSurgeon is a Platinum Firebird sponsor

IBSurgeon was founded in 2002 with the idea to provide InterBase and Firebird developers and administrator with unique services and tools focused on databases safety, performance.

IBSurgeon is a Platinum sponsor of Firebird Foundation and, as a member of Technical Task Group, has the strong relationship with Firebird Project, with direct representatives in Firebird-Admins and in Firebird Foundation Committee. 

Today, IBSurgeon serves more than 2500 companies worldwide with emergency, optimization and maintenance tools and recovery, optimization, and monitoring services. Our clients are software vendors, worldwide insurance and finance organizations, medical institutions and, of course, a lot of ISVs and microISVs – all who develop or use applications based on Firebird and/or InterBase.

Contact us

The best way to contact us is to send an email to [email protected] and describe the problem. Even if you call by phone, we will ask you to send corruption details (error text, diagnostics log, firebird log) by email.
If you are contacting our representative regarding fixing of the corrupted database, be sure you have in hand at least the following information:
  • Full text of error (or screenshot),
  • firebird.log or interbase.log,
  • a version of your server,
  • Also, it's recommended to have a diagnostic log of the corrupted database from IBFirstAID Diagnostician.

For any recovery, optimization, and also purchase questions please feel free to contact IBSurgeon or one of our partners:
Location Contact name Phone
Worldwide, EU, USA (Serbia) Aleksei Koviazin +381 61 2535616
Kazakhstan & Central Asia IBSurgeon Support Team     [email protected] +7 705 431 57 44
Italy (partner) P-Soft di Codebue Fabio +39.030.2002672
Japan (partner) Meiji KIMURA, Kimuradb +81 (50) 5534 6545

Phone: +381 61 2535616

EMail: [email protected]

Data Protection Officer

Contact data protection officer (related with GDPR, etc) here.