Firebird database optimization

Firebird Performance Optimization is a service provided by IBSurgeon to improve the speed and efficiency of Firebird database and its applications. IBSurgeon has two options for optimizing Firebird (and InterBase) databases:

1. Optimization/Configuration/Audit Incident

We offer a one-time service that can make your Firebird database faster and better. We can tune your firebird.conf file, find out why your database is slow, or fix any other Firebird issue you have.

We can do this service remotely, using Zoom, Anydesk, RDP, or any other tool you prefer. We can do it as soon as tomorrow, depending on your time zone.

The service costs USD$499 and it includes 2 sessions with us (each session is 1-1.5 hours long). If you want to book this service, just email us at [email protected] and we will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.


2. Full scale optimization

Do you want to make your Firebird database run as fast as possible? Then you need our "Full scale optimization" service. This service can fix any issue that makes your Firebird database slow. It can improve every part of your Firebird database's performance.
# Service Description
1 Initial analysis of database performance Database performance degradation can result from various factors and interactions among them. To achieve effective database optimization, the first step is to diagnose the main sources of performance issues.
2 Tuning of Firebird configuration file firebird.conf We create a firebird.conf file, tailored for the needs of your database and application.
3 Hardware analysis and configuration We check an existing hardware/VM and OS configuration, fix problems if possible, or provide detailed guidance on how to fix them. Also, we provide a draft of hardware specifications/VM changes if an upgrade needed.
4 SQL tuning with indices We find out which queries are the most troublesome (the ones that take the longest, run the most often, etc) and which ones affect your performance the most. We accelerate the 7 slowest or top frequent queries identified in your application or provide tuning recommendations.
5 Transactions analysis and maintenance tuning We check transactions' flow in your database and give a conclusion on how transaction control can be improved, including practical recommendations for maintenance.
Fee (+VAT) USD$ 2990
*Optimization service includes the license for IBSurgeon HQbird for 1 month.

How to start? Please feel free to ask your questions: [email protected].