HQbird 2022: new major release of advanced Firebird SQL distribution

IBSurgeon is glad to announce the new version of HQbird 2022: advanced Firebird SQL distribution for enterprises, with development, monitoring, and recovery tools.

The new version contains the following new main features:

  • Advanced Performance Monitoring. New monitoring gets data from all Firebird monitoring sources (MON$, Trace, transactions, lock tables, etc) and shows a very detailed per-minute picture of the performance. It allows quickly identifying all performance problems: slow and frequent queries, long-running transactions, lock table spikes, etc, and viewing them on a single page.
  • Firebird 4 support, with HQbird enhancements (multi-thread backup/restore/sweep, etc)
  • Optimizer improvements to speed up your database without any changes
  • Streaming: the new way to receive committed changes from the database in JSON format and send it to other systems, like RabbitMQ. Streaming is based on the replication engine and can process a high amount of records per second.
  • New UDRs: OCR (text recognition), lkJSON (basic JSON operations), splitUDR (fast splitting of strings). UDRs are included in Windows installer, for Linux they should be installed separately.
Download HQbird 2022 here.

Please note: HQbird 2022 requires a new license to work. Users with active maintenance and subscriptions will receive new licenses shortly.