HQbird: Advanced FirebirdSQL for Big Databases

IBSurgeon HQbird is an advanced distribution of Firebird, with the following features: high availability and replication, backups automation, optimized configurations, database health monitoring, transactions and queries monitoring (Trace, MON$), database structure analysis, recovery toolset, and database development GUI.

Firebird Encryption Plugin Framework

IBSurgeon provides the encryption plugin framework for Firebird:
  • Strong AES256 encryption, for Firebird 4.0 and 3.0
  • Ready-to-user binaries for Windows and Linux, and full sources
  • Gbak.exe with encryption of databases and backups
  • Unlimited license for the redistribution and implementation support
Unlimited License - $1999

Emergency database recovery

To recover corrupted Firebird (or InterBase) databases you can use IBSurgeon FirstAID - the best recovery tool for Firebird and InterBase. FirstAID can automatically fix the vast majority of Firebird database corruptions. For big database (more than 65Gb in size) please contact our support, most likely it will require manual recovery service.
From $199


HQbird 2022 Update 6

HQbird 2022 Update 6 is released. It has several bug fixes in security permissions and minor SQL queries optimization.
HQbird 2022 Update 6 is available here: https://ib-aid.com/en/download-hqbird

25 May 2022

HQbird 2022 Update 6

HQbird 2022 Update 6 introduces several bug fixes in mappings of security permissions for users

04 March 2022

HQbird 2022 Update 4

HQbird 2022 Update 4 is released

20 December 2021

All our products are not vulnerable to Log4j CVE

All our products are Not vulnerable to Log4j CVE

31 October 2021

IBSurgeon FirstAID 7.5 is released

IBSurgeon releases FirstAID 7.5: a recovery tool to fix heavily corrupted Firebird and InterBase databases.

26 October 2021

HQbird 2022: new major release of advanced Firebird SQL distribution

IBSurgeon is glad to announce the new version of HQbird 2022: advanced Firebird SQL distribution for enterprises, with development, monitoring, and recovery tools.

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