IBSurgeon Optimization Pack

Optimization Pack is replaced by HQbird Standard.

Optimization Pack is a comprehensive set of optimization tools for Firebird and InterBase. With Optimization Pack developer of administrator can identify and fix virtually any performance problem with Firebird or InterBase.

With Optimization Pack you can solve the following often performance problems with databases:

  • Identify bad SQLs and their plans (FBScanner)
  • Find long running transactions and peaks of load (IBTM, FBScanner)
  • Find bad indices, fragmented tables (IBAnalyst)
  • Identify and fix problems record versioning and garbage collection (IBAnalyst)
  • Find and fix problems with maintenance (FBDataGuard).

All products in Optimization Pack are complementary: (1) usually performance problem is located with IBTM or FBDataGuard (when problem happens?), (2) then developer can narrow the scope of the problem with FBScanner (what applications, queries and transactions are responsible for the performance problem) and after that (3) investigate database status of database (what tables and indices are related with problem?) with IBAnalyst.
After identification of the problem you can improve database maintenance with FBDataGuard and FBScanner, reorganize database structures according IBAnalyst suggestions. Optimization Pack includes 2 hours of free optimization technical support to solve even the most complex performance problems.

Typical setup of IBSurgeon Optimization Pack

IBSurgeon Optimization Pack for Firebird

At the right you can see a typical setup for Optimization Pack modules:

On Firebird server itself we have:

  • FBDataGuard, which watches for the database health and makes backups. If something (transactions, errors, space, users, etc) is not in the frames of specified threshold, FBDataGuard will send an alert via email.
  • IBSurgeon FBPerfMon (TraceAPI) plugin – it allows to write Firebird Trace API events into log databases for further analysis with FBPerfMon. TraceAPI monitoring can be started at any desired moment from administrator's workplace.

For continuous tracking of end-user application performance we recommend to setup FBScanner – usually on separate Windows machine, or on user's computer. Setup is transparent and does not impact user. Since FBScanner works as a proxy, it does not supress server performance, and performance logs are always available at administrator’s workplace with FBScanner LogAnalyzer, and can be used for analysis of past periods.

Also, administrator has FBMonLogger - it is the fastest tool in terms of getting data, it allows quick investigation of performance – if administrators sees IO queue, or users claim about slowness, FBMonLogger can be used to quickly find the reason of the problem in the production databases.

IBTM (IBSurgeon Transaction Monitor) is used for transactions dynamics analysis. With IBTM administrator can control how sweep goes, what are gaps between transaction markers, how transactions flow is intensive during the day, and so on.

IBAnalyst is used for in-depth analysis of database structure: size and fragmentation of tables, size, depth and selectivity of indices, BLOBs fragmentation, and analysis of records versions.

All together these tools uncover all aspects of Firebird database functioning and allow to find and eliminate performance bottlenecks quickly and effectively.

What licences are included in Optimization Pack?

Optimization Pack contains the following licenses:
Product Licenses included in Optimization Pack Regular price, EUR Pack price, EUR
IBAnalyst 1 workplace 149 (for each workplace)


FBMonLogger 1 workplace 149 (for each workplace)
FBScanner 1 server 149 (for each server)
IBTM 1 server 99 (for each server)
FBDataGuard 1 server 149 (for each server)