HQbird: advanced Firebird SQL for Enterprises

IBSurgeon is proud to present HQbird: advanced distribution of Firebird for enterprises. It is an enhanced, fully compatible with Firebird 2.5, feature-rich distribution of FirebirdSQL that provides superior performance, reliability, and instrumentation.

The current version of HQBird 2016 supports Firebird 2.5, the next release (June 2016) will also support Firebird 3.0.

The key features of HQbird include high-availability (replication), optimized performance and the rich set of tools to cover every aspect of Firebird functioning: optimization, monitoring, automated backups, recovery, SQL development. HQbird 2016 Release 1 replaces all previous versions of IBSurgeon tools (except FirstAID).

Learn more about HQbird.

If you are interested, please contact us - we offer a free demo session through remote desktop to demonstrate how HQbird can help to improve your life with Firebird.

And - for those who don't read documentation - default username/password for HQbird FBDataGuard is "admin/strong password" :)