HQbird 2022 Update 4

HQbird 2022 Update 4 is released:

  1. Log4j 1.2 changed to Reload4j. As you know, the famous vulnerability log4shell was in Log4j 2.x, while we have used 1.2.
    However, community also found several not very pleasant problems in Log4j 1.2, and its original author started
    replacement for 1.2, called reload4j.
  2. Improved algorithm of test restore on Linux. To avoid potential phantom files of test restore, FBDataGuard performs additional checks of existence of open database.
  3. Fixed too often messages about repeated sweep
  4. From this release, parameter LeftJoinConversion will be set to false in the default firebird.conf. This parameter can greatly improve performance of complex queries, but sometimes it leads to unexpected plans.
  5. Support of integration with portal "Online Tools For Firebird" (
  6. Maximum number of stored logs in advanced monitoring is set to 10. If you need to store more, connect to portal "Online Tools"
  7. Improved check of FTP availability in "Transfer Replication Segments" and "Transfer Files" jobs
  8. Added switches for silent installation on Windows to enable/disable monitoring services and their ports
  9. Job "Low-level metadata check" was improved: now also extracts SQL script of metadata using isql -x
  10. Everyday (optional) report now contains information about versions of Firebird and HQbird FBDataGuard
  11. To increase stability of licensing process, additional licensing server were added
Download HQbird here: