HQbird 2017 R2 is released

HQbird 2017R2 is a major upgrade of advanced Firebird distributive (versions 2.5 and 3.0) with high-availability, replication, optimization, monitoring and recovery tools. Please upgrade the previous version of HQbird with 2017R2 (this upgrade is free for all users of HQbird).

This release includes a lot of improvements in replication, monitoring, and optimization, as well as many bugfixes. Windows installer now supports an automatic upgrade of the existing HQbird installation, Linux support for auto-upgrade will be released later.

The main goal of HQbird 2017R2 is to provide administrators and developers of big Firebird databases with effective management, maintenance, recovery, and optimization tools, in order to keep databases always healthy and available.

More details:

Licensing and prices

Starting with this release, each license of HQbird covers 2 servers – master and replica.

Prices are the following: HQbird Standard is USD399, Professional – USD599, Enterprise – USD799.
There are also upgrades available from any previous IBSurgeon software (please note that upgrade is free for all users of previous HQbird).
And, the Unlimited subscription is available to bundle HQbird with the end-user software (ERP, CRM, etc): it is USD13500/year.
Feel free to contact us with any questions: [email protected]!