How to migrate to Firebird 3 in the fast and safe way?

As far as you know, recently released Firebird 3.0 has a lot of nice features, and the most important of them are the increased performance and the high compatibility with the previous version, so migration is the very attractive idea.
Probably you know that successful backup/restore does not mean successful migration:  the compiled representation of database objects are not changed during backup/restore, it remains in the old format.  There are several important steps to ensure the successful migration of database metadata and data to the new Firebird version.
We recommend having a copy of Firebird Migration Guide, which includes many recommendations and description of typical errors during migration.  It will really save you a lot of time during the migration.
Too complex?
What if your database structure is very complex, a database itself is really big and it has many applications connected too?  In this case, you need help from professionals – and we offer our comprehensive Firebird migration service.
Recently we have migrated very complex Firebird database with more 7000 stored procedures, 320Gb in size, in less than 2 months, and the delay between the final switch of the production copy from the old Firebird to the new one was less than 24 hours (it was done during the weekend). We guarantee the smooth and hassle-free migration.
The key thing in such a complex migrations is tracking tools from HQbird advanced Firebird distribution. These tools (FBScanner and FBPerfMon) allow tracking of ad-hoc SQLs and automated check of their validity against the new version, and then we can adopt these queries to the new Firebird version.
What about safety?
And, finally, let me add a word about the safety.  It is not a good thing to migrate your database and then got the corruption. To prevent it, HQbird (Enterprise edition) has replication and high availability features. With HQbird, you can create the complete and reliable replica of the database (on the same server or on another), which guarantees that even in the case of bad corruption you will have the good copy, and switch to it in minutes. HQbird Enterprise for Firebird 3.0 is now passing final tests and will be available in May, and there will be the free upgrade for existing HQbird Enterprise users.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions by email.