FBDataGuard 3.3

Monitoring, backups and anticorruption tool for Firebird

IBSurgeon is glad to announce the new version of Firebird monitoring, backups and anticorruption tool -  FBDataGuard 3.3, which introduces new features and several bugfixes.
Now FBDataGuard monitors lock table and deadlock parameters, which are very important for a good performance for Firebird Classic and SuperClassic architectures. FBDataGuard also gives intelligent suggestions how to change appropriate Firebird configuration parameters to fix encountered problems.
FBDataGuard 3.3 is a free upgrade for all existing FBDataGuard users, and EUR149/server for new licenses. For companies with many installations of Firebird we offer an ISV unlimited subscription for EUR990/year: an ability to install as many FBDataGuards as needed.
Download FBDataGuard 3.3.