Firebird GUI Tools

Alexey Kovyazin, last update: 30-March-2014
There are plenty of tools to design and develop Firebird databases which help to create and develop databases. Here you can find the list of tools that we used in our work (as a trial or full versions).

If you know the good developer tool for Firebird, please feel free to send it to [email protected] and we will place the link here.

Important!: We do not recommend to work with corrupted databases with any of the tools listed below. All such tools are designed to work with healthy Firebird databases and will work incorrectly with corrupted databases. We do recommend to make a copy of the original corrupted database before trying to work with it.
  1. Firebird Developer Studio (SQLLY) - paid tool with embedded designer and error-checking mechanism.
  2. Database Workbench - paid Pro and free Lite editions are available. Good tool for everyday work.
  3. IBExpert - paid tool. Very popular in Russia and Brazil.
  4. SQLManager for Firebird - paid and freeware versions. Good tool with sufficient capabilities.
  5. FlameRobin - free open source tool, Firebird subproject. We usually install it on the customer's computers with rare Firebird tasks - it's free and sufficient for the frequent tasks.
  6. FSQL - not really a GUI tool, but powerful replacement of standard isql.exe.
There are more developers tools for Firebird, but we have no experience with them. They listed here just for your information:
  1. IBWebAdmin - web GUI for Firebird
  2. HQbird Firebird Studio
  3. IBObjects IB_SQL - looks very simple