Practical Firebird Administration Course

"Practical FirebirdSQL Administration Training" is a course for Firebird database administrators, devoted to the key Firebird features and practical approach for the effective administration.
  • Installation and updates of Firebird
    • Files in Firebird folder and their purpose (Windows, Linux)
    • Installation packages
    • Manual installation and embedding using archives
    • Updates between minor versions
  • Transactions and versioning engine in Firebird
    • Multi-versioning engine – versions, garbage collection, sweep
    • Transaction markers: OIT, OST, OAT, Next, what they mean
    • Version control – gstat, Database Analyst
    • Dealing with long-running transactions and garbage
  • Administrative tasks and command-line tools
    • isql and scripts
    • backup with gbak, restore, backup schemes, reliable backup/restore
    • incremental backups with nbackup, schemes, how to scale database with nbackup
    • Best practices for backup big databases
  • Firebird configuration
    • Firebird.conf parameters
    • Analysis of locks with fb_lock_print
    • How to optimize configuration for better performance