FBDataGuard 2.8 Update

FBDataGuard was just updated to the version 2.8. This version contains stability improvements and minor bug fixes, improved support of SSL and support of SMTP-servers.

For ISVs (i.e., companies which produce Firebird-based software and need to protect a lot of installations) IBSurgeon now offers unlimited 1 year subscription for FBDataGuard for fixed price (EUR 990/USD1299).

"Unlimited" means that there is no restrictions on how many FBDataGuard instances will be installed, and also it means that installed instances will work permanently. "1 year subscription" means that subscriber can install, reinstall and upgrade FBDataGuard installations during subscription period.

For our customers - please download new FBDataGuard from Deploy Center ( and install. Also, FBDataGuard User Guide is available now in Portuguese.