IBSurgeon FirstAID 7.0

IBSurgeon releases version 7 of FirstAID: recovery for Firebird and InterBase databases.
This version includes the following new features and bugfixes:

  • Support of InterBase is extended till the version of 2020
  • Firebird 4 support was aligned with changes in ODS of Firebird 4.0 Beta 2 version, almost ready for the release
  • Addressable space for 64-bit machines was increased to 3Gb, which allows to open and recover bigger databases
  • Several bugfixes for BOOLEAN data type and BLOBs processing

Download FirstAID now: https://ib-aid.com/en/ibsurgeon-firstaid/ 

Clients with available FirstAID activations (from version 3.0+) can download and use version 7.0 with existing licenses.

Those clients who have exhausted all activations, or users of FirstAID before 3.0, can upgrade here https://ib-aid.com/en/upgrades-ibsurgeon/