Willem Goosen, Promed, South Africa

"IBSurgeon has played an integral role in improving performance and stability in our environment. We have a 24/7 environment which has required them to dial in at different times to fix a database, recover a site or improve performance. With them downtime has become a thing of the past. They are always quick and give detailed feedback on what the issue was and how to fix it in future. They get involved in our development cycle and have helped greatly to improve the software by giving input in terms of the database and the usage there of.
They have also assisted in moving us from InterBase to Firebird in a short time."


David Hardman, Argent Wealth Ltd, UK

"We have used the services and support of IBSurgeon for a number of years and would not change a thing. Their attention to detail and speed of support is superb. We appreciate the efforts they make to ensure we are entirely comfortable. Would recommend without hesitation."


Gareth Law, PCounter-Europe, Ireland

"Pcounter Europe approached IBSurgeon to review current database structure in a graphical reporting product, to identify performance bottlenecks, and also recommend some best practice techniques to achieve the best possible performance overall. The IBSurgeon team understood our objectives right away. They set about focusing on how we could improve what we had, rather than just advising us to throw away and start again. This was a concern we had about reaching out from within our own development resources for help, however I’m glad to say we got appropriately tailored advice and our requirements and prerequisites were always carefully considered.

On a technical level, the IBSurgeon team are proper experts in their field. Firebird is open source, and whilst there is a lot of information out there on the Web, not all of it is good practice and technically sound. They helped us eliminate some basic (but not obvious) mistakes, and also suggested a number of different approaches that made a real difference to the speed of key processes within our application. In all, we thought that their service was very professional, technically valuable and good value for money."


Miron Shabalin @ Recycling Rewards, Ontario, Canada

"We used IBSurgeon services to optimize the database of our predictive dialer system running on Firebird 1.5. We've been using the dialer system for nearly 5 years and the system performance was extremely poor, database often became inconsistent and system users were constantly unhappy and were complaining about endless issues that prevented them from making calls efficiently.
We had issues of this kind for a time being and software vendor, who provided us with the system, gave up a long time ago, leaving us alone with unstable system with frustrating issues.

We came across IBSurgeon website and being impressed by the wide variety of services offered and the list of existing clients who took the service - we decided to give it a try and requested help. Our request was shortly answered by Alexey, and after inquiring about the nature of the issues we were experiencing, IBSurgeon provided us with the best service we have ever experienced.

Using their own tools and approaches, IBSurgeon analyzed our database structure and predictive dialer applications in use and came up with a plan of action on how to optimize our database services. In no time our dialer system was literally "flying". Users reported 300 per cent increase in application response time and the database became stable and reliable. We were amazed how IBSurgeon got our system to work at speeds we never imagined it is capable of."