How to setup Firebird asynchronous replication with HQbird Enterprise in a distributed environment: network shares or FTP/SSH

The asynchronous replication in HQbird is the easiest way to create a mirror (also called warm-standby) copy of the production Firebird database. In this case Firebird on the master server stores all changes into the files, called replication segments, and Firebird on the replica server consumes these segments – i.e., it inserts changes into replica database.

If master and replica Firebird are on the different servers, it is necessary to transfer replication segments from master to replica. There are 2 main ways to do it: network share or FTP/SSH.

How to transfer HQbird replication segments between master and replica via network share

If you have Firebird master and replica running on the servers in the fast local network (1Gbit recommended), probably the best way will be to use network share to transfer replication segments. Let's consider how to setup it properly.

First, you need to decide where to setup network share to store asynchronous - it could be 1) on the master, 2) on the replica, or 3) at some third location.

Logs stored on the replica

Replication mechanism on master writes asynchronous segments to the specified location, and if it such location will become unavailable, replication will be stopped, and then operations will be stopped too.