HQbird 2018 R3 is released

IBSurgeon is happy to announce the new release of HQbird – advanced Firebird distribution for enterprises, featuring native (high-performance and transactions friendly) master-slave replication, advanced performance monitoring, automated backups, and maintenance.
This release includes many new features and improvements:
- Advanced support of DDL during the replication
- Automatic configuration:

  • operative and archive logs are created and registered automatically in replication configuration and Cloud Backup jobs
  • Windows installer has the option to install a replica with pre-configured database instance.
  • Improved automatic database re-initialization
The Pool of Execute On External connections now is available in Firebird 3.0 (as it was in 2.5) which included to HQbird – greatly increases stability and speed of Execute On External statements. The pool can be reviewed and controlled by SQL commands
- New context variable indicating is it master or replica RDB$GET_CONTEXT('SYSTEM', 'REPLICA')
- New monitoring options
– Performance Summary to see cumulative reads/writes/fetches and SQL Ping to monitor database response
- Detailed information about all temporary files in Firebird
- Indices statistics job now recalculates all indices in AUTO mode (recommended to set it to run once per week) - Automatic upgrades in Linux installer
– if you already had HQbird installed, Linux installer will update it correctly without reinstallation
- Fixes in the interface: icons, sorting order of graphs, etc

Download HQbird 2018 R3 and upgrade your existing version!
Please note that all licenses are compatible with HQbird 2017 and HQbird 2018.

Also, If you already tried HQbird and need a new trial – please send the request to [email protected]