Firebird Stored Procedure to split line with delimiters to recordset

This is one of the tasks that every developer on PSQL faces - how to split line which contains values with delimiters to the array of separate values? Something like this: select * from sp_split_into_words('foo rio bar hahaha,mememe,bububu;tratata;qwe/rty'); Output: ###### WORD ========== foo rio bar hahaha mememe bububu tratata qwe rty It is possible to make it on the pure SQL - please use the following stored procedure code, the author is Pavel Zotov, Firebird QA engineer and IBSurgeon lead DBA: set term ^; create or alter procedure sp_split_into_words( a_text varchar(8190) character set utf8, a_dels varchar(50) default ',.<>/?;:''"[]{}`~!@#$%^&*()-_=+\|/', a_special char(1) default ' ' ) returns ( word dm_name ) as begin -- Aux SP, used only in oltp_data_filling.sql to filling table PATTERNS -- with miscelan combinations of words to be used in SIMILAR TO testing. for with recursive j as( -- loop #1: transform list of delimeters to rows select s,1 i, substring(s from 1 for 1) del from( select replace(:a_dels,:a_special,'') s from rdb$database ) UNION ALL select s, i+1, substring(s from i+1 for 1) from j where substring(s from i+1 for 1)<>'' ) ,d as( select :a_text s, :a_special sp from rdb$database ) ,e as( -- loop #2: perform replacing each delimeter to `space` select d.s, replace(d.s, j.del, :a_special) s1, j.i, j.del from d join j on j.i=1 UNION ALL select e.s, replace(e.s1, j.del, :a_special) s1, j.i, j.del from e -- nb: here 'column unknown: e.i' error will be on old builds of 2.5, -- e.g: WI-V2.5.2.26540 (letter from Alexey Kovyazin, 24.08.2014 14:34) join j on j.i = e.i + 1 ) ,f as( select s1 from e order by i desc rows 1 ) ,r as ( -- loop #3: perform split text into single words select iif(t.k>0, substring(t.s from t.k+1 ), t.s) s, iif(t.k>0,position( del, substring(t.s from t.k+1 )),-1) k, t.i, t.del, iif(t.k>0,left(t.s, t.k-1),t.s) word from( select f.s1 s, d.sp del, position(d.sp, s1) k, 0 i from f cross join d )t UNION ALL select iif(r.k>0, substring(r.s from r.k+1 ), r.s) s, iif(r.k>0,position(r.del, substring(r.s from r.k+1 )),-1) k, r.i+1, r.del, iif(r.k>0,left(r.s, r.k-1),r.s) word from r where r.k>=0 ) select word from r where word>'' into word do suspend; end ^ set term ;^ commit;