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IBAnalyst 2.6

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IBAnalyst is a part of IBSurgeon Pack, full set of emergency tools for InterBase and Firebird.

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Reasons to buy

  • High productivity development tools

Rapid and productive database application development benefits enormously when you have all the tools at hand and those tools are the right ones for the jobs you want to do. Database Workbench for Firebird is a well-seasoned toolbox developed by and for Firebird developers like you. It encompasses visual interfaces for designing and profiling SQL queries, debugging Stored Procedures, defining security and all of those other tasks that you need to do often and well.
The IBPhoenix Firebird Developer Pack also contains a rich set of database connectivity components for all the main development environments and programming languages that you are already using to make your programming life productive.
  • Maintenance and replication tools

Backing up and restoring databases is an essential piece of any database development. Devising a reliable, maintainable backup strategy is an important task. With the IBPhoenix Firebird Developer Pack TimeToBackup tool it becomes simple to set up a strategy for backing up and restoring that is convenient and complete. For distributed database systems, IBReplicator provides flexible facilities for designing and managing not just fallback and redundancy solutions but fully synchronised live networks of databases across numerous geographical locations.
  • Monitoring and Optimization tools

What's happening inside your database? How do you speed up database and application performance? How do you eliminate possible and actual performance bottlenecks or analyze and correct any unexpected performance degradation in your database application? These questions can be answered with the FBTM and FBAnalyst tools. FBTM is a professional monitoring tool that delivers the answers graphically in your preferred representation. FBAnalyst is an automated database advisor.
  • Recovery tools

The Firebird Developer Pack includes a proven set of recovery tools to ensure that, if the worst ever happens, you are ready to deal with it. FBFirstAID is for identifying possible corruption in a database and repairing what it is possible to repair immediately. The next level of recovery may require surgery: then BackupSurgeon is on call for repairing problematic backups. The Undelete tool is on stand-by for recovering accidentally deleted data.
  • Flexible reporting solution

FastReport Firebird Edition provides all the necessary tools to develop database reports, including a visual report designer, a reporting core, and a preview window. It can be used with Borland Delphi 4 to 2007 and Borland C++Builder 4 to 2007 environments.
  • Well-blended tool stack

All you need to maximise the productivity and effectiveness of your Firebird database application development is included in the IBPhoenix Firebird Developer Pack. Everything is wrapped into an easy-to-use installer that puts mere minutes between choosing and using the tools that suit you best.
  • Documentation

A handy collection of documentation encompasses topics from quick start to advanced usage of Firebird.
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