Database performance optimization

IBSurgeon offers an optimization service to improve Firebird databases performance. It includes the following:

  • Hardware and OS settings investigation
  • Firebird performance measurement, including transaction performance investigation
  • Tuning recommendations for hardware, OS and Firebird settings.
  • Firebird database indices configuration investigation
  • Maintenance recommendations (including sweep/garbage collection, backup and transaction management).
  • SQL plans recommendations
  • Licenses for our performance tools (IBSurgeon Transaction Monitor, FBDataGuard, FBScanner, IBAnalyst) which are valid during service period
This basic package is enough to identify and fix performance problem for 90% cases.

This package costs USD$409 (EUR 299), for the long and complex cases price will be higher (exact quote is discussed after initial investigation).

For the complex cases we offer deep Firebird tuning, which can include development of custom features for Firebird engine, price is negotiated separately.

Our team

Our optimization expert, Dmitri Kuzmenko, is well-known among Firebird and InterBase users.

As a chief developer of IBAnalyst (tool to analyze database statistics and find database problems with indices and garbage), Dmitry has a lot of experience in identifying and solving optimization puzzles. Dmitry supervises all optimization services and pay maximum attention to each case.

We also have core Firebird developers as consultants for difficult optimization cases.

Our tests

We follow the practical approach and perform a lot of tests to improve our tuning techniques.

We've performed a series of TPC based tests (TPC-R and TPC-C) which showed interesting results and highlighted some practical tips and tricks related with configuration parameters and hardware settings. One of the test was creating and testing performance of 1 Terabyte Firebird database.

Recently we have run tests with Firebird databases from 9Gb to 1.7 Terabyte, in order to investigate Firebird performance degradation and how to tune Firebird performance.

Our customers 

The quote from one of our customers:

"Using their own tools and approaches, IBSurgeon analyzed our database structure and predictive dialer applications in use and came up with a plan of action on how to optimize our database services. In no time our dialer system was literally "flying". Users reported 300 per cent increase in application response time and the database became stable and reliable. We were amazed how IBSurgeon got our system to work at speeds we never imagined it is capable of."

Our real-world customers run databases up to 500Gb which we helped to tune. 

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